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321 East 69th Street New York, NY 10021
321 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
Faculty Concert
Jerzy Stryjniak Piano and Guests,
Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall,
October 15th, 2018

Masters and Students, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall,
October 16th, 2016
Student Recital, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall,
November 16th, 2012
Student Performance, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, November 15th, 2013
Student Recital at The Liederkranz Foundation,
November 20th, 2015
  • Individual Lessons

  • Theory Classes

  • Multimedia presentation

  • Group Lessons


  • Individual Lessons

  • Theory Classes

  • Multimedia presentation

  • Jazz Program

  • Chamber Music


  • Individual Lessons

  • Multimedia presentation

  • Jazz Program

  • Chamber Music


About us

NYCM Academic Calendar 2023-2024

  • First Day of the Fall Semester
    September 6th, 2023
  • Thanksgiving Break (CLOSED)
    November 23th – 26th, 2023
  • Winter Break (CLOSED)
    December 23rd, 2023 – January 2nd, 2024
  • First Day of Spring Semester
    February 1st, 2024
  • Spring Break (CLOSED)
    March 29th – 31st 2024
  • Memorial Day (CLOSED)
    May 27th, 2024
  • Last Day of Spring Semester
    June 30th, 2024
  • Independence Day (CLOSED)
    July 4th, 2023
  • Summer Session
    July 5th – August 15th, 2024

  • April 14, 2024
    Adult Student Concert at Steinway Hall
  • May 7, 2024
    Teen Student Concert at Steinway Hall
  • May 23, 2024
    Children Concert at Lang Hall, Hunter College

The New York Conservatory of Music is a music school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. It was founded in 1998 by renowned concert pianist Dr. Jerzy Stryjniak and his wife, musicologist Joanna Stryjniak.

The school, located on lovely tree-lined 69th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, is easily accessible to all means of public transportation. The New York Conservatory of Music offers a wide range of music instruction to students of all levels and ages.

The Conservatory’s mission is to educate students in music and culture; help them develop their tastes in classical, jazz, Broadway music and more; and provide them with the proper environment for professional growth.

For those who do not plan to become professional musicians, the school's approach to learning music will enhance musical appreciation, build or enhance new skills and reduce work-related stress. Very young students will have the opportunity not only to gain a deep knowledge and appreciation of music, but also to enhance their self-esteem and build their character. All students can develop their innate musical potential at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.

The school is particularly proud of its special program for adult students, helping them to gain proficiency and enjoy performing on their instrument within a few months of lessons while also enjoying a pleasant social experience.

The Conservatory offers individual lessons in Piano, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Voice and more. Students can also participate in lectures on music theory, music history and appreciation and our recital programs at elegant and well-known performance venues. Classes are taught by highly recognized concert instrumentalists and instructors.

Support Us

The New York Conservatory of Music is a non-profit organization. Any donation given to the New York Conservatory of Music is tax deductible. We happily take any form of donation and use it to improve upon NYCM’s music community. We encourage your support and assure you that each and every donation makes a difference! To make a donation, please call the office at 212-717-9590.

Our partners

The New York Conservatory of Music has a renown musical reputation in New York City and abroad. Over the years, NYCM has built partnerships with the largest and most prestigious music and education centers in the world.

Partnerships include:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • Lincoln Center
  • CAMI (Columbia Artist Management Incorporation)
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Yamaha
  • Liderkranz Foundation
  • Marymount College
  • Mannes College of Music
  • Boston University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Kansas State University
  • Sichuan Conservatory of Music
  • Music Academy in Poznan
  • Chopin Associatie Vlaandern vzw.
  • The Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth Foundation

Concert Halls around the world including:

  • Cracow Philharmony
  • Janacek Philharmonics
  • Lutoslawski Studio S1

The New York Conservatory of Music is now Global!

The New York Conservatory of Music is now more accessible than ever before. It is possible to enroll in lessons from anywhere in the world. Our instructors are furnished with equipment of the highest quality, allowing for a truly immersive learning experience. We are very flexible with the choice of online platform and prioritize your convenience.

What to Expect From Our Online Platform:

  • Individual or Small Group lessons conducted by our expert NYCM instructors, with scheduling tailored to your preference.
  • Lessons offering instrumental and vocal instruction (see “instruments offered” tab for more), as well as music theory and composition. Our instructors are trained in numerous music styles such as classical, contemporary, and jazz.
  • No experience necessary, we welcome students of all levels and ages.

For more information, please call 212-717-9590 or email us at

Admissions and Policies

  • You may begin your lessons at the New York Conservatory of Music whenever you wish. However, we encourage students to register early in the fall and spring semesters to gain the greatest instructional benefit. Lessons are also offered in July. Registration is ongoing. Registration deadlines and minimum enrollment may be applicable for some classes.
  • No makeups for New Student Promotion
  • A 30 minute trial lesson may be scheduled after placing a $50.00 refundable deposit. Additionally, this deposit may be used as credit towards a lesson package or to schedule another trial lesson. If the trial lesson is cancelled last minute (within 24 hours), the deposit cannot be returned.
  • Full tuition, plus a nonrefundable annual registration fee of $65.00, is due at the time of registration. Payment may be made by cash, credit card or check.
  • Students who enroll with instructors at The NYCM have the option of two different packages: 16 weeks, or the New Student Promotion. We do not offer a "pay as you go" option.
  • Students who enroll in a package with Professor Stryjniak have the option of 8 weeks or 16 weeks. If they do not wish to enroll in a package, they may take advantage of one-hour private consultations with Professor Stryjniak.
  • Students who wish to enroll in a 16 week-package program but cannot pay in full are required to pay 50% of all tuition plus the registration fee up front, and the remainder due no later than two months after registration.
  • There is a returned-check fee of $30.00. Late Fee will incur if balance is not received 1 week prior to the end of the scheduled class.
  • To withdraw from the school, a student must give written notification of withdrawal and a request for refund to the office at least seven working days prior to the withdrawal. Informing the teacher is insufficient and will not be considered notice of withdrawal.
  • Refunds will be made for withdrawals as follows.
  • Before the first lesson – 100% refund of tuition
  • After the first lesson – Full refund minus the cost of one lesson
  • After the second lesson – 75% refund of tuition
  • After third lesson – 50% refund of tuition
  • After fourth lesson – NO REFUND
  • There are no refunds of the registration fee.
  • All sessions MUST be completed no later than the final two weeks of the dated package. If lessons are placed on hold for any reason they must be completed within the year. There are no exceptions.
  • Make-Ups:
    • Teachers are not obligated to make-up lessons that have been canceled or postponed at the instance of the student.
    • Lessons may be rescheduled at the teacher’s discretion. 
    • Students must provide the office with at least 24 hours’ prior notice of cancellation or postponements to be eligible for a make-up class.
    • There are no make-ups for last-minute cancellations.
    • 16 Week / Semester Packages entitles you to -2 make-ups



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Jerzy Stryjniak, president

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Joanna Stryjniak, vice president

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Gabriel Stryjniak

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Gabriela Wisniowska

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Andrew McGowan


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Jakub Polaczyk

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Bogna Kicinska

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Andrew McGowan

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Jose F. Solares

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Jacob Cichocki

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Marina Renée Hogue

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Pei-Wen Liao

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Pierre Ferreyra-Mansilla

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Zhihua Hu

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Gaga Won

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Anna Kolchina

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Arta Jēkabsone

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Svetlana Kalcheva

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Shu-Wei Tseng

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Sophie Avidane

PreK Division

Welcome to the New York Conservatory of Music PreK Division Ignite a Passion for Music in Your Tiny Virtuoso!

Starting Fall 2024, the New York Conservatory of Music is thrilled to open our PreK Division, designed especially for children aged 2-5. Our sessions take place in a spacious studio at 213 E 82nd Street, creating an ideal setting for young learners to discover music through colors, movement, rhythm, and a variety of musical instruments.

    Class Offerings:
  • Age 2: Immerse your toddler in basic musical concepts through engaging, playful activities that spark early musical interest.
  • Ages 3-4: Dive deeper into the fundamentals of music with activities designed to enhance coordination and understanding of simple musical patterns.
  • Age 5 (Kindergarten): Introduce your child to a more structured musical curriculum that complements their kindergarten learning. This group meets at 3:30 PM to accommodate their school schedules, with potential additional afternoon times available based on demand.
    Session Times:
  • Classes for ages 2 and 3-4 are available at 10 AM and 11 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The age 5 group meets at 3:30 PM.
    Pricing Plans:
    Choose from our flexible pricing options:
  • Trial Session: Test the waters with a single session available for first-time students only. - $60/session
  • Eightfold Ensemble: Embark on an extended musical journey with two months of lessons. Includes 8 sessions. - $430 (Save $50)
  • Semester Symphony: Commit to a semester of musical growth and development. Includes 16 sessions over four months. - $840 (Save $120)

Meet Our Pilot Program Instructor: Sophie Avidane Sophie is an exceptional musician and a specialist in early childhood education. Learn more about her unique approach and background on our faculty page.

    Why Choose Us?

  • Established Excellence: For over 25 years, the New York Conservatory of Music has been a beacon of premier music education on the Upper East Side. We bring decades of experience and a commitment to the highest standards of music teaching.
  • Distinguished Faculty: Our instructors are not just talented musicians but also skilled pedagogues, recognized among the best in New York City. Their expertise ensures an enriching learning environment for every student.
  • Seamless Transition: Unlike typical PreK music programs that operate in isolation, ours is integrated into a broader educational path. Graduating from our PreK Division not only prepares your child for advanced studies but gives them a significant advantage as they transition to private lessons with our esteemed faculty.
  • Continued Musical Journey: Enrolling your child in our PreK Division is the first step in a lifelong musical education, offering them a seamless progression from early group lessons to sophisticated individual training at the same trusted institution.

Enroll Now and give your child the benefit of a foundational music education that sets them up for future success with the New York Conservatory of Music. Let's start this harmonious journey together!

The Benefits of Early Musical Education

Nurturing Young Minds Through Music

Research consistently shows that early musical education goes beyond simply learning to play an instrument—it can play a pivotal role in a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.

  • Cognitive Benefits: Studies suggest that early musical training can enhance brain development, particularly in areas related to language acquisition, reasoning, and spatial intelligence.
  • Emotional Development: Music helps young children express their emotions and can serve as a critical tool for emotional regulation.
  • Social Skills: Participating in group musical activities can enhance children’s social skills, teaching them about teamwork, respect for others, and communication.
  • Preparation for Future Academic Success: Engaging in music has been linked with better memory and attention skills, which are crucial for academic success. Early music education sets a solid foundation for future learning, including proficiency in math and reading.

By incorporating music education from a young age, the New York Conservatory of Music aims to not only cultivate a lifelong love for music but also to significantly contribute to the overall developmental growth of our students. Our PreK Division is dedicated to providing a rich, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating musical environment.

Master Classes

Master Classes at NYCM
At the New York Conservatory of Music, we proudly offer enriching master classes, hosted by our Co-Founder and President, Dr. Jerzy Stryjniak. These sessions are central to our mission of providing a comprehensive learning experience for our students and the wider musical community.

Schedule, Format, and Upcoming Dates
Our master classes are scheduled biweekly on Sundays, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. In these interactive sessions, students perform their pieces in front of fellow attendees and Dr. Stryjniak, followed by personalized feedback from Professor Stryjniak. This format not only prepares students for concerts by simulating a public recital environment but also offers a chance to learn from a variety of pieces and peer performances.

The upcoming Spring Semester master classes are scheduled for the following dates:
  • March 10, 24
  • April 7

Open to All Musicians
Our master classes welcome not only NYCM students but also musicians from outside our student base. Participants can choose to perform or attend as listeners, contributing to a diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Registration and Pricing
Interested individuals are encouraged to contact our office for information on pricing and registration. Reach out to us at 212-717-9590 or

Looking Ahead
Please note that the schedule for the Fall Semester master classes will be announced at the start of the summer. Stay tuned for these dates and join us for an exceptional journey in musical mastery and expression.

Music programs

Instruments offered

  • Classical Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Contemporary Vocalization
  • Classical Vocalization
  • Composition

Multimedia Presentation on Classical Composer

This is a 12-week program devoted to the history of classical music and composers. Each week there will be a multimedia presentation on a famous composer from the classical music, starting with Johann Sebastian Bach and ending with Claude Debussy. The presentation includes little-known facts about the composers, live instrumental examples, and audio/video recordings of the most important pieces. Each class will be 45 minutes. The composers presented in this program include: Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy.

Pocket Guide of Music Theory

This is a 12-week comprehensive program on music theory. The program includes ear training, music literacy, and basics of harmony. Students will learn to listen, read, write, improvise, and compose music. The program is structured for 3 main age groups: children, teenagers, and adults. The children’s program includes working with children through music games; for teens there will be more ear training and quizzes on basic music theory; for adults the program is expanded and includes advanced sight reading, ear training, singing in four parts, and practicing harmony. The program for teens and adults also includes the elements of pop music notation and chord charts.
Each class will be 45 minutes. The curriculum includes music notation with explanation of Italian music terms, acoustics, and musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, articulation, timbre, dynamics, texture, and form. There will be demonstrations of examples from music history, and exercises for ear training such as intervals, chords, and music memory. For teens and adults the teaching material will also include practical use of theory on the piano.

FAMILY FUN – a program dedicated to parents and students. During the lesson small chamber groups will compose and create their own music.

ZOOMING INTO PIECES – analysis of compositions played by students.

10 RULES FOR PIANO STUDENTS – each week (for a total of 10 weeks), one rule about posture and hand mistakes made by pianists will be covered. This program will also include very specific finger exercises.

COMPOSITION – this program is for students pursuing composition degrees. Classes will include multimedia presentations relating to modern composition techniques and the creative use of counterpoint and harmony in modern music.

SONGWRITING – a program dedicated to students who want to write their own songs. The sessions will focus on different possibilities for the use of lyrics in various genres of music.

ARRANGEMENTS – a class dedicated to the creative study of combinations of instruments in different genres of music. We will explore the reworking of a previously composed piece of music and arranging brand-new compositions.

FILM SCORING – a program for those who want to write music for movies or TV. The classes will focus on different correlations between video and music.

Student opinions about NYCM


The New York Conservatory of Music is a gem of a music school! It's staff is a repository of supremely talented musicians with a deep understanding and vast knowledge of music, not limited to the piano repertoire alone. Voice,violin, various wind instruments and guitar lessons are offered as well. Everyone in the faculty possesses an inherent passion to generously impart their knowledge and maintain a standard of commitment to teaching music, set by the founders of the NYCM, Professor Jerzy Stryjniak and his wife, musicologist Joanna Stryjniak.

The learning process is conducted in an environment that is welcoming, encouraging and inspiring. As a passionate hobbyist who has been taking piano lessons on and off for many years, I was convinced that I have long since reached the peak of my abilities on the piano until I began to take lessons under the tutelage of Professor Jerzy Stryjniak. His genuine desire for his students to develop has taught me numerous techniques on the keyboard such as proper hand position, finger placement, wrist flexibility, body posture and breathing, to name a few, an how all these influence sound production. I learned valuable memorization strategies essential to a secure and well prepared performance. Lessons are made more interesting by sharing historical facts, listening and analyzing the recordings and interpretations of great artists, informal student performances that provide opportunities to practice playing in front of an audience in preparation for the formal recitals held in larger prestigious halls.

I strongly encourage anyone who wants to pursue their musical dreams of playing an instrument. And the best place to fulfill this dream is at the NYCM.
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My name is Ellen Kane and I am a retired Elementary School teacher. When I took the step and retired eight years ago, I knew that I wanted to take lessons, though I wasn't sure which ones, for the "mental exercise". While strolling down First Avenue one day I walked past a young man standing on the corner of 69th Street handing out flyers for the New York Conservatory of Music. That's it, That's it, I thought, piano lessons.

I had always "tinkered" around the piano in my classroom and would now become a serious piano student. By the end of my first piano lesson I was hooked.

I loved being part of the school and the excitement of hearing other students, each in his or her own studio, singing, or playing the violin or piano. I loved studying music technique and theory with Joanna and Dr. Stryjniak and I loved playing the music of Masters such as Bach and Chopin and Beethoven. Studying the piano at the New York Conservatory of Music has been a source of stimulation and beauty for me. It is a source that I hope to always have in my life.
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I have been playing the violin since my childhood. I love music and love to play my violin. I am trying very hard to keep it as my life long professional hobby. When I came to NYC in 2008, I searched the place where I can have violin lessons and hopefully to have a space to practice. It was such a blessing for me to find NYCM on 2009!

I love my lessons, professors and the place here. Not only learning the techniques to play the instrument, I am learning how to understand music, how to express, and how to appreciate it. One of the best things about NYCM is that the school is always helping to provide the space to practice as long as the studios are during during the office time. I think I made the most of this kind offer and I practice as much as possible. After about 5 years of kind support, advices, lessons, and activities from NYCM, I started to have a deeper level of love towards my violin, music in general, and love for this school, where I could get this opportunity! When I look back on my days in NYC, I cannot imagine how I could have
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I have been practicing piano for about 10 years. I enrolled in the "Song of Songs" Music Association at one point in my life. Though, most of my piano history has been with private instructors. When I came to NYCM I played pieces such as Mozart's Sonatas, Chopin's Nocturnes,
many classical Sonatinas, few Baroque pieces, many romantic pieces and I had touched upon the Modern era pieces. Currently I'm working on a couple of Chopin's Etudes, a 3 - part Mozart Sonata, a Nocturne by Chopin, and the Lieberstraum by Liszt. Not only do I expect to enhance my pianistic skills at the Conservatory, but I also expect to take piano as a more serious, one of my major, subjects.
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I have been playing piano for 9 years and have spent the last 4 years at The New York Conservatory of Music. My education at the Conservatory has been extremely rewarding.
My previous teachers had taught me the technical aspects of piano; at the Conservatory I continued to develop techniques but I also learned about the emotional and lyrical aspects and the fine intricate details of every piece.
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I had never played the piano before attending the NYCM. I had my first lesson with Joanna Stryjniak 4 years ago starting from such basics as sitting at the piano, proper hand position, the notes on the staves and their position on the keyboard.
I thoroughly enjoyed my firstlesson with Mrs. Stryjniak. That very day I decided to sign up for the new semester.
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Playing the piano had always been a dream of mine and after I finally was able to put aside some time, I bought a piano. The next step was to find a teacher and it was sheer good fortune that brought me to the New York Conservatory of Music.
I began lessons first with Joanna Stryjniak, and then a year later with Jerzy Stryjniak. They taught me of course about the notes and rhythm, but also importantly, they painstakingly and carefully supervised the placement, relationship and use of my hands and fingers on the piano. Through my own experiences as a physician and teacher, there is no doubt that learning an instrument, as in learning anything else, strong foundations are of prime importance. It is the basis on which we build and develop our skills ever after. With the piano, it is what allows us to make music. The founders of the school. the Professors Jerzy and Joanna Stryjniak are both descendants of the much respected Polish school of musical training. It is a tradition well known for incredible musicality and strong technique. Through their own passion and understanding of music, they are a tremendous inspiration as teachers. Sometimes a lesson can be a journey, opening the mind and the ear, stretching the imagination, and introducing lines of sound and harmony that were before not accessible. The last few years have not only given me requisite skills to making music, but have also changed the way I listen and appreciate music. The NYCM has an atmosphere infused with warmth and congeniality where students can learn and develop their art form to the fullest of their individual potential. In addition to individual lessons, the schools also holds master classes and there are many opportunities for performance. Especially wonderful re the monthly informal adult student recitals, where adult students can meet and share music. My association with the NYCM has been a tremendous experience. I would recommend this school without any reservation for anyone with a love for music.
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I had never played the piano before coming to NYCM except for a group class at a local school. Right now, after 4 years of studying at the NYCM I play several Bach 2 part inventions and the Chopin Eb nocturne.
I had never played the piano before coming to NYCM except for a group class at a local school. Right now, after 4 years of studying at the NYCM I play several Bach 2 part inventions and the Chopin Eb nocturne. I have also started the Beethoven G major piano sonata (Op.49 no.2). I decided to become a student of the NYCM after I was impressed by what I heard at student recital in Steinway Hall. As I thought about it, I realized no other people better understood and represented the music of Chopin, which I like so much, as the people of Poland. NYCM has the advantage of friendly atmosphere of small school along with top notch instruction and their extracurricular activities are very enjoyable opportunities to meet with other students I do not usually have a chance to meet.
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NYCM Partners

The New York Conservatory of Music has a renown musical reputation in New York City and abroad. Over the years, NYCM has built partnerships with the largest and most prestigious music and education centers in the world.

Partnerships include:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • Lincoln Center
  • CAMI (Columbia Artist Management Incorporation)
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Yamaha
  • Liderkranz Foundation
  • Marymount College
  • Mannes College of Music
  • Boston University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Kansas State University
  • Sichuan Conservatory of Music
  • Music Academy in Poznan
  • Chopin Associatie Vlaandern vzw.

Concert Halls around the world including:

  • Cracow Philharmony
  • Janacek Philharmonics
  • Lutoslawski Studio S1


The New York Conservatory of Music | 321 East 69th Street, New York, NY 10021 | 212-717-9590 |